How To Sharp a Pencil - Various Methods

How To Sharp a Pencil

Using blunt pencil can immediately spoil your art pieces.

In order to create precise and admirable pieces of art and handwriting, your pencil should be absolutely pointed. Neat and beautiful handwriting is directly dependent upon the pencil nib and graphite quality.

3 Best Ways To Sharp a Pencil

1. Electric sharpener:


You can sharpen your pencil using a sharpener. However, since we do not want to encourage you to go for something traditional, using an best electric pencil sharpener would be the good alternative option.The portable electric sharpener is the best. It is affordable and can encounter any garbage that would have been created by a normal manual sharpener. Also you can read best way to sharp a pencil without a sharpener.

An electrically sharped pencil generates Neat appearance on a paper. Just insert the pencil into the sharpener Hole, and it makes a particular sound which shows that your pencil is being quickly sharped.

The normal sharpeners may not create smooth tips and can give worst sharpening experience. They can even break the graphite tips of your pencil thereby making it harder to sharpen it once again.

2. Using knife:


Another method of sharpening your pencil tip is through a knife.

  • Hold the pencil tip around 2 inches above the end. And stabilize it well.
  • Make sure that the knife is absolute sharp as it can otherwise slip and cut your finger.
  • Move the blade of the knife against the pencil wood. Repeat the process 7-8 times, and you will get an exposed graphite tip

3. Carving Away the pencil:

Hold the pencil at a low angle as soon as the graphite point is visible. Make sure that the knife makes its way through the wood and does not get stuck or jump in pencil.

Scrape off little quantities of wood for the safety purpose. The utility knife would be the best to get a sharp a pencil day.

Do not loosen your hand over the pencil as the edges are quite sharp. Use two fingers for scraping the pencil wood.

How to sharpen a carpenter pencil?

The utility knife would be the best option to do so. Hold the pencil hard in one hand and make sure that the tip is pointing in the opposite direction from you.

Now the next step is to Grab a knife and give it Stroke in the opposite direction.

The charcoal pencils of carpenters can get damaged through electric sharpener. Therefore the best is to go for X Acto knives.


Sharpening a pencil is an art. Therefore, there are varieties of pencil points to choose from. Choose amongst the chisel, needle and Bullet Points to make sure that it works well. Different types of pencil points are suitable for different purposes. Make sure that your point is least 1 cm long so that it becomes easier to write and draw.

Besides using other sharpening tools, you can grab some Sandpaper and scrape it off upon the pencil wood to create sharp edges.